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Toledo Music Festival. Pt. 1

Tomorrow is the Toledo Music Festival and we're really excited. Your Favorite Ex will be playing at 3:50-4:15pm on the Center Stage The merch tables will be in the Main Stage room. We have our stickers in now and they come free when you buy a copy of our cd (for only $4). You can also buy five stickers for a buck or $.25 each.

Make sure to check out all of our friends play as well!

What's The Point - 4:30-4:55pm (Center Stage)
Pictures of Annie - 5:45-6:10pm (Patio Stage)
After Alice - 7:15-740pm (Center Stage)
Promise of Tomorrow - 8:05-8:30 (Main Stage 1)
Geofree Finch - 9:50-10:15 (Center Stage)

Hope to see alot of fimilar faces tomorrow! If you find me I have special stickers for you :)

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